I am passionate about counseling being accessible to larger community, to people from all walks of life and socioeconomic status.

I serve many underprivileged communities, at risk youth, elders living with dementia and Alzheimers in nursing homes, and staff that care for them, delivering workshops and one on one therapy sessions on a pro-bono basis.

The fees paid by my individual clients allow me to spend a large portion of my week serving these communities and individuals. Each coaching client allows me to serve up to 50 people per month who don’t have the financial means to seek help for their situation.

With my mission to inspire a sense of belonging and joy throughout the lifespan, I established a non profit, ALMA, that addresses loneliness through movement and arts.

ALMA runs initiatives that inspire self care, belonging, and social change. The largest initiative visits neglected elderly in nursing homes, through movement, music, art, and intergenerational connection.

ALMA was born out of my bond with my grandparents. As their healthcare proxy, I was forced to place both grandparents in nursing homes and witnessed the low quality of care and interaction with residents in the facility. I later learned that 60% of residents go unvisited, and most are given psychotropic medications for sedation. I noted the stressed out nurses; the cries for connection; the lack of fresh air or nature, and catatonic positioning.

As an Expressive Arts Therapist, I new how effective the arts(movement, music, and visual art) could be for enhancing the social emotional wellbeing and quality of life of these residents, and began running weekly dance therapy groups at my grandfathers nursing home.

Upon witnessing the drastic improvement and engagement of residents that typically were disengaged, I saw a need for a scalable program that would enrich the lives of this underserved population.

ALMA was born a few years later and since has touched the lives of over 100 elders, at risk youth, and intergenerational volunteers.

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