photo credit: Eliyaou

photo credit: Eliyaou


Embodiment is fully inhabiting your physical body which leads to experiencing life at its fullest. How much of your body are you actually inhabiting? How present do you really feel

When you are embodied you are able to experience life to its fullest capacity. When you are embodied you are able to navigate life with more ease, because when you are connected to your bodies cues, and the intelligence that exists within the body. Your intuition lies within your body, and is communicating with you all the time.

The various traumas or painful experience that we experiences in our life, often cause us to dissociate from our bodies as a protective mechanism. We numb out and actually split from the body, getting caught up in our mind. The mind is what races backwards and forwards, creating anxiety and depression. When we are embodied we are also able to self regulate and respond vs react to life. We are in the present moment.

Embodiment is reclaiming your birthright of being in a body in this lifetime, that allows you to be a full participant in this life.

Embodiment is also the quickest bath to spirit and to manifestation. When we embody an essence, our energy matches that frequency which then magnetizes all that is a vibrational match. You arr sending out waves into the world, and when you lack body awareness, you may be unconsciously creating misalignment in your reality.

When we are embodied, you’re emotional intelligence increases, you are more self aware, and increase the ability to self regulate and respond vs react to life.

The more you practice embodiment the more you can claim your power in this lifetime.

Through embodiment we:

  • Develop awareness of our inner world 

  • Learn how to self regulate and control our emotional state

  • Liberate our body from the linear, rigid habits of daily life in the modern world.

  • Slow down & become present with ourselves.

  • Release tension or rigidity, and begin to shift the focus from how it looks to how it feels.

  • Heightening awareness, on sensations of feelings & thoughts

  • Explore how to consciously breathe, relax, and focus mind. 

Some Benefits of embodiment:

Increased clarity non violent communication increased intuition improved sleep neurogenesis

Self regulation improved interpersonal relationship increased energy more joy increased awareness

Self expression ability to navigate change increased pleasure deeper connection with spirit

Trauma release Presence more rapid manifestation of desires ability to manage and shift moods

Dance/Movement Therapy(DMT) is a field within psychotherapy where movement is "used to promote emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual, for the purpose of improving health and well-being."( American Dance Therapy Association)

Dance/Movement Therapy is based upon the idea that the body and mind are inseparable!

• Body and mind interact, so that a change in movement will affect total functioning

• Movement reflects personality

• Movement contains a symbolic function and as such can be evidence of unconscious process

• Movement improvisation allows the client to experiment with new ways of being,

• Through the unity of the body, mind, and spirit, DMT provides a sense of wholeness to all individuals

Julia Grace Vishnepolsky is a registered Dance/Movement Therapist with the American Dance Therapy Association (Lic#1857)

To learn more about Dance Therapy visit The American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) site. 


photo credit: Yael Lasry

photo credit: Yael Lasry

Julia’s professional training in Dance/Movement Therapy as well as love for nature and community led her to developing “The Wave Silent Disco”, an outdoor community dance experience inspiring self expression and a sense of belonging. She guides this weekly experience in Venice, CA on Mondays. To learn more visit