I know meditation can be intimidating and the common (misguided) belief that meditation requires “clearing one’s mind of all thoughts” can feel like an impossible task.(because it is!).  The thought of taking on this impossible task makes people feel like they are “doing it wrong” or simply can’t do it at all, making people give up easily. I frequently get feedback from both beginners as well as more experienced meditators, that they feel more ‘successful’ at meditation, when experiencing guided meditation with me.  In addition to formal practice, I specialize in helping my clients find ways to incorporate meditation into their daily lives (also known as mindfulness), in order to travel life’s journey with ease and grace.


I have been trained in the Vippassana (Awareness) style of meditation studying under Larry Rosenberg and John Kabat Zinn; Insight dialogue- the mindfulness of speaking and listening under Janet Surrey, PhD,  Compassionate/Loving Kindness meditation, Focusing oriented mindfulness (combining expressive arts and mindfulness) under guidance of Laury Rappaport, PhD, and am a certified Journey Meditation teacher, an approachable, simple, and effective meditation combining ancient wisdom with modern science created for office based group meditation.

photo credit: Francesca Goncalves

photo credit: Francesca Goncalves


Empower your workforce, boost energy throughout your organization, and create a stronger company culture with our convenient live and virtual courses.

Having meditation at the work place has wonderful benefits:

  • More Productive, Passionate Employees

  • More Vibrant & Empowered Workplace

  • More Fulfilled & Satisfied Teams

    High-functioning teams are happy and engaged.  A Duke University study reported that employee meditation led to 36% decrease in workplace stress.


Customized meditation guidance drawn upon eclectic techniques to help you find the style that works best for you.

Overcome: Depression, fatigue, anxiety, reactivity/irritability, difficulty concentrating and sleeplessness
Experience: Relationship improvement, stress reduction, deeper levels of relaxation, lower blood pressure, reversal of ageing process, increased productivity, improved memory and perception, increased immunity, decreases in additive behaviours, increased creativity and focus.